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Webb Engineering Consultancy Limited has extensive experience working in the design and development of off highway vehicles. In particular our specialisation has been in operator cabins. This has given us a broad knowledge and thorough understanding of the fundamental principals and process technologies for a wide range of components and systems including:

  • Plastics – principally for interior and exterior trim components
  • Body in white / Steel structures – including a good knowledge of the structural analysis of the cab frame
  • Glass - a thorough understanding of the glass tempering process to correctly specify these components
  • HVAC – including an appreciation of the much harsher off highway environment
  • Suspension and NVH – working closely with the NVH department to reduce operator ear noise and optimise design of suspension systems
  • Control Ergonomics – ensuring the product can be used comfortably to minimise fatigue of the driver
  • Electrical and Electronics – a good understanding of this specialism so that it’s requirements can be supported through specific mechanical design